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On holiday in or near London, or visiting the area for the first time?

Want to learn about the birds and other wildlife of the area?

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Let us enhance your wildlife experience with our range of guided tours which cater for all levels of expertise. Buteo Wildlife is a team of highly experienced naturalists who conduct regular trips to look for birds and other wildlife of interest.

Check out our itinerary to find a tour to suit you or contact us to design one to fit your very own requirements.

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Other services we provide include fauna and flora surveys, corporate team-building days and wildlife training. If you need any of these, please contact us to arrange in detail how Buteo Wildlife can enhance your wildlife experience and knowledge.

What to look for at the moment

Migration is well under way with increasing numbers of waders, such as Green Sandpiper and Whimbrel, turning up at coastal and inland sites. Passerine migrants are also on the move with species such as Whinchat and Common Redstart being recorded from a variety of places. Seabird passage is in progress and time spent watching over the waves, from the coast or on a pelagic trip, could produce records of shearwaters, storm-petrels or skuas.